How to Help

Change isn’t easy. Neither is surviving the change that our lives are going through. The single most important institution we have for managing change as it impacts our daily lives is local city government.

If we want to effect change in our lives, we need effective city government. You can help make that happen. I am raising money to mail flyers, to create videos, and to promote my campaign. I could use help distributing walk cards and getting out the vote. I have yard signs and stickers. And I would love to meet your friends and neighbors in your neighborhood.

To donate money you can mail a check to
Choriki for Montana
PO Box 211
Billings, MT 59103.

Be sure to include your occupation and employer for reporting purposes.

If you would like to contribute online, I have an account at ActBlue.


There are lots of ways to help. Knocking doors. Dropping flyers. Putting up yard signs. Talking to your neighbors. Making GOTV calls. Helping to create flyers, postcards, and videos. Letters to the editor. Posts in social media. It’s up to you. Contact me using this form and we can talk. Or call +1-406-748-6116.


If you need a yard sign or a bumper sticker, let me know using this form to email me or by calling +1-406-748-6116.

Meeting you and your neighbors

If you would like to host a fund raiser or a meet and greet, I would love to help make the arrangements. Use this form to email me or call +1-406-748-6116.

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