Danny Choriki for Billings City Council

Danny Choriki for Billings City Council Ward 3

We can not tax cut our way into the future. We have to plan for it. We have to invest in the future.

Doris, Ray, and Danny Choriki in the 1950’s along Mendenhall in Bozeman.

About Danny

Danny was born in Bozeman, Montana in 1956. This lawn is now an empty parking lot.

Issues I Care About

In 1970, Billings was 14 square miles in size with a population of 70,000 souls. Today, the size of the city is approaching 45 square miles with a population of 110,000. Population density has decreased from almost 4,500 people per square mile to 2,300 people per square mile today.

How to Help

We are becoming a people who would rather blame others for our problems than step up and try to fix our problems. If we are really going to “make America great again”, we need to face our problems, find real solutions, implement them and keep trying until it work.


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